About Us

Welcome to Indian Transcripts Consulting Services is one of the best academic certificate attestation agency in Bangalore

Having its office network throughout India in assisting people for obtaining their educational transcripts from various Universities in India. Indian Transcripts Consulting Services focuses on supporting people who require WES, ICAS, IQAS, PEBEC credential verification / attestation / transcripts but are unable to visit Universities personally due to their personal and professional engagements. We help them procure their transcripts without any hassles thereby saving their valuable time and energy. Indian Transcripts Consulting Services has put in place a systematic process for initiating your request and obtaining transcripts and we are providing services for all Universities in India.

Customer Friendly

Indian Transcripts Consulting Services always ensures and cherishes to treat every customer the way they like to be treated. We believe what is good for the customer is good for us and we try to function from a customer’s point of view or the way customers prefer – on - time completion of tasks, regular status updates on the requests, providing clarifications at all times. Our customers are always welcome to ring us at any time as per their personal schedule and Indian Transcripts Consulting Services is happy to assist anytime

standardize and speed up

Our service acts like an interface between the University and the student seeking transcripts. This digitalizes the whole process and makes it hassle-free, fast and secure.

This is useful to the University officials as well since they don't need to give the same instructions to applicants again and again. And the applicant is not forced to go through repetitive regression cycles and avoid multiple trips to the university. We have a complete knowledge of the protocol, the university requirements in our database. Our interaction with the university and the applicant is thus clear and accurate.

With Indian Transcripts, the entire process of getting transcripts is as simple as:
Go to our website
Select State, City and University/Institute
Provide required information.
That's it! Rest everything is taken care of by us, and BOOM!

Within no time you will get your transcripts at your doorstep or mailed to your desired address.

Our Mission

  Getting transcripts is made fast and simple - just like that!"
Getting transcripts from an Indian university is a big challenge  

For non-resident Indians as well as Indians whose current city is different from the University's location.
01.Document requirment

Scramble through the internet/blogs to identify the documents needed by their college/university.

02.Mail all required documents

Mark sheets, degree, etc.. over to friends and family who go to the university in person with an authorization letter and submit the request.

03.Sending document

Look for people travelling to India and hand over the documents to them .Hire people/strangers to do it for them.

04.Make multiple trips to college

The authorized person will have to make multiple trips to college, stand in long queues awaiting their number and go through repetitive regression cycles to provide required information and documents, get correct format etc. which takes a lot of time and energy and leads to frustration.

All of the above options are neither efficient nor secure.

Our focus here is to make the process for students and job seekers as simple, easy and secure as possible. And not to mention, save a lot of time and money.

We have covered most of the colleges and universities in India.

According to an estimate, approx. 5 million students graduate in India every year and approx. 1.7 million out of those are just engineers. In a country which produces millions of graduates every year - engineers and doctors alike, there is no digital online process to get transcripts for most of the universities.